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Holy shit, you're a God. Thank you!

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Does anyone know a way around the download quota reached message?

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You can right click on the file you want, and Make a copy. Then you download it from your own Gdrive.

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Not completely sure but if you switch your public IP with a VPN. Google will think you are a new user and your quota will be reset.I personally suggest https://sigavpn.com.

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Tried that, sadly doesn't seem to be working. Thx for the advice though!

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Under Edit: 10, it used to be in bold print so no one would miss it.

To bypass the quota, first you have to have a G-Drive, it's free with Gmail and all that.

So what you do is you go into the G-Drive and find the game you are after, right click it and select add to my drive, now from here navigate to your G-Drive and right click the game you just added.

You should be able to select make a copy, which will appear in your Drive.

You can download the copy now as the quota changes when you copy it.

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if this gets taken down will you re upload?

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thank you, god bless you, archives will never give up.

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Never saw such a Gdrive with that much content.

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If I could give you continuous up-votes I would do so for an hour.

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Stunning absolutely stunning what I'm seeing here. Even surprised to see Switch of all things. I'm curious though, no Virtual Boy? The library is small, though with the released proto games like Faceball and Dragon Hopper or the limiter Street Fighter II copy (the non demo) would be nice additions.

I will say thanks. A month ago I got that JP GCN Gundam vs Z-Gundam game and I have not been able to find a working download of it yet, seems you had it. Thanks, I keep copies of stuff i have for lazy times in front of the PC and that had been bugging me.

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I never thought to look for the virtual boy to be fair, I was just gathering what I found at the time. I am sure it's out there though, I just haven't had time to look.