youtube-dl sources

The youtube-dl GitHub repository was unceremoniously taken down.

I am posting a bunch of mirrors, torrents etc. so the source remains available (in case the other mirrors get taken down...)

I have no affiliation or contact with the devs. If a new repo comes back up then I'll link to it here. Otherwise this page serves as means of making the repo publicly available until something happens.

Discussions: Hacker News, /r/technology, /r/programming, /r/linux, /r/youtubedl, /r/DataHoarder, EFF Tweet, a bunch of other places


youtube-dlc is a fork of youtube-dl. As of 2020-10-24, the maintainer of youtube-dlc has a new GitHub repo with particular code removed.



git clone


git clone

Alternative mirrors


Centralised mirrors verified by me at time of download. Otherwise I can't guarantee their authenticity at any given point in time. I generated the torrent and IPFS content in case they are useful to people.

The following can be checked to verify the commit IDs

$ git log --oneline -3 416da574e
416da574e (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [ytsearch] Fix extraction (closes #26920)
48c5663c5 [afreecatv] Fix typo (#26970)
7d740e7dc [23video] Relax _VALID_URL (#26870)


2020-10-24 - added read-only Git repository
2020-10-23 - added link to gitee which has a slightly later commit ID 416da574e
2020-10-23 - created site


Email: andrew at thisdomain dot org

I will possibly ignore your email unless you have some way of verifying yourself (GPG signed would be a start). I may take suggestions and alternative mirror links.

I am not affiliated with the youtube-dl devs.