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This Lorde Fan May Have Found The Perfect Alternative To 'MOM'

Taylor said it's time to cut it out, guys.

"BAE" had its day. "QUEEN" has been kind of waning. But "MOM"? Yeah, still going strong -- until, of course, Taylor Swift asked one fan to cease calling her by that moniker. So what do we do now, fellow fans? The Tay has spoken -- so it's time to find another term of endearment to write in all CAPS on the snaps of our idols.

Well, one Lorde fan may have introduced a slang word to replace those overly familiar terms with something a little more... magical?

Let me explain. Thursday night, Lorde got all melty when a fan sent the below tweet to the "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer, officially naming the musician "Godmother" of her... cat? That term certainly has a ring to it (despite the cat thing) -- and the otherworldly connotations seem fitting when referring to the likes of Lorde.

Let's all try it out today, OK? I'll go first -- "David Bowie is SO GODFATHER." Mafia undertones aside, I kind of like it.

For a while now, denizens of the Interwebs have been using the words "MOM," "DAD" and "PARENTS" to talk about celebrities -- and celebrity couples -- they admire. In my head, those comments on celeb tweets, pictures and whatnot always evoke this image:

Because, you know, that's how I usually talk to MY mom. Sorry, Pam.

Lorde herself was at least partially responsible for bringing "MOM" to the mainstream. She famously used that new slang to refer to Kim Kardashian back in November after Kim's Internet-breaking Paper magazine cover hit. “i retweeted kim’s amazing cover and wrote ‘MOM’, which among the youthz is a compliment; it basically jokingly means ’adopt me/be my second mom/i think of you as a mother figure you are so epic,'" Lorde wrote on her Tumblr after getting some heat from a fan.

And then, the deluge...

The other day, Taylor Swift took steps to stem the tides, telling a fan to stop calling her "MOM" after that fan's actual MOM took umbrage. "Your mom birthed you. I was off playing in coffee houses. Your mom tended to you when you cried as a toddler," Swift wrote on Tumblr. "I drew lyrics on my arms and stomped around in cowboy boots while you cried in the night." She then asked to be called "Aunt Becky" instead.

Leave it to Tay to cut through the insanity of it all.

So let's take a page from the Book of Taylor -- and Lorde's cat-loving fan. Can we replace "MOM" with GODMOTHER? Or AUNT? Or even, you know, SISTER?

Your MOM -- and Taylor -- will probably thank you.