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Reba McEntire fans will get an early Christmas present when the vocalist brings her top-grossing country concert to the Delta Center on Tuesday, Dec. 3. With her will be Capitol recording artist Billy Dean, who will open the show, along with Linda Davis.

McEntire, a two-time Grammy Award winner, is known for bringing excellent artists with her, and fans will find that her Salt Lake tour is no different. McEntire's current single is "The Fear of Being Alone," and her current album is "What If It's You" on MCA Records.Davis is considered a best bet for stardom, according to USA Today and Billboard Magazine, which have both touted her talents. With McEntire, she won a Grammy Award for the duet "Does He Love You?"

That single also served as Davis' major break. Her first album sold poorly, but her vocals impressed McEntire. Now life is good for the green-eyed, brownish-blonde country singer, whose second album, "Some Things Are Meant to Be," has performed much better on the country charts.

Billy Dean, on the other hand, is a veteran, with his first two albums going gold: "Young Man" and "Billy Dean." Three No. 1 hits came from those albums: "Somewhere In My Broken Heart," "Billy the Kid" and "If There Hadn't Been You."

After his three hits in 1991 and 1994, Dean took more than a year off to rest his voice and reflect on the direction his life was taking. Now he's back with his sixth album, "It's What I Do," and ready to take on the challenges that many new artists face.

"It's What I Do" has produced two No. 1 hits, "That Girl's Been Spying on Me," and the title track.