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I wish everyone knew this was the norm with any bill, not just the urgent ones. There needs to be a larger revolt about the pattern of this bullshit and not just when it pertains to a certain interest.

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Sounds reasonable. But let's start with this one!

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This one IS important!

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Clean bill act

with a rider that gives us more power

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Fuck the Treasury department and all the clowns in it.

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Fuck the Treasury department government and all the clowns in it.

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: -) nvrno

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I'm a Canadian but want to help. How can I?

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We need more Canadians like you Sir...hats off to the maple leaf.

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1) Your encouragement alone is golden.

2) Please advocate for wholesome, moral, forward-looking crypto rules in Canada.

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What if morals belong in the sewer, generally speaking. Would Canadian ethics do instead? I got that in spades.

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For those in the USA computer code is a form of free speech.

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Silly argument. I mean you can write whatever code you want, but there are obviously legal limitations on how you’re allowed to execute code.

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I once spelled fire in paint. Stop serving prison time

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It’s such bull shit that they can do this.

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I wish I was American so I could snap shit at some representative. Either way I wish you guys the best, go get em!

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What’s the language? Your the only one reporting this. Must be sneaky for real. Please elaborate

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It's all over crypto twitter. I'm not the only one. lol



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The linked article doesn't say it either, and the linked tweet says something about KYC? Anyone got any actual information about this?

From what I can see it's something about mandating exchanges report transactions for tax purposes, seems like that would only hit people who were not intending on paying tax on their gains?

Am I missing something?

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The issue is that the language is so broad as to require even individuals (such as software developers, miners, stakers, LPs, etc.) to be caught within the definition of "broker," and then it basically imposes burdensome reporting requirements on everyone--reporting requirements that are usually reserved for full-fledged brokerage firms with dedicated compliance departments.

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Thanks for the extra details

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Cmon ethereans, are we really downvoting this guy because he's not caught up on the news? This isn't the sub I know. These petty downvotes on this like this and new people asking questions are ridiculous. We're better than that.

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People are downvoting him because he was being a bit snarky. "Must be sneaky for real."

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Put the evidence in the body. Everyone is so tired of the I heard that....

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If our corrupt government can’t control it or have their hand in your pocket, forget it

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The US Treasury Department is the poster child for wayward democracy. I see no evidence they are acting in the best interest of their own citizens or following any moral code whatsoever.

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Well blame anyone who ever said “I wanna be paid in BTC”. How do you think this all works.

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You misspelled, "Biden administration"

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This tells me a lot about how badly they need it to pass and how little they want people to notice.

It's afraid.

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I cant stand that ugly ass bitch

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You're not helping.

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Who? The VP?

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The republicans will allow this trojan horse to go through because they know voters will only blame the democrats.

Republicans outwitting democrats one more time....

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They be smart!